“Within a month of launching our new site, it was obvious that we had struck gold.”

Ben Olson
Cofounder & Product Owner
LSAT Demon

Once upon a digital time, in the beginnings of 2022, we at Beaver + Beaver Media Group, were introduced to Thinking LSAT, via the most valuable currency in the professional world — a referral. The referral was an elated user of LSAT Demon, Thinking LSAT's fantastic law school admission test-prep software that had been eclipsed by an outdated website.

We commenced our odyssey together as SEO guides, strategizing with Thinking LSAT's content and development team, pointing out the path less traveled, toward uncharted growth. Our first stop: their website, thinkinglsat.com

Rustic charm is great for log cabins, less so for websites. With a dated look, a maze-like structure, and an organic ranking akin to finding a needle in a haystack, thinkinglsat.com was more labyrinth than welcoming foyer. Plus, it was an unfair reflection on LSAT Demon, an incredible product tucked away in a corner.

With a shared vision of success, we recommended a digital facelift for thinkinglsat.com, ensuring LSAT Demon was distinct yet part of a cohesive whole, capable of engaging with fresh-faced, early-buyer's-journey traffic.

The plot thickened when, in February 2022, the assigned developer hung up their cleats and stalling the project. Enter Beaver + Beaver, the 'in-case-of-emergency-break-glass' agency, not only offering SEO wizardry but also web development prowess. We expanded our partnership, trading hands-off SEO consulting for hands-on web development.

April 2022 marked a milestone — the re-launch of thinkinglsat.com. Sleek, easy to navigate, and SEO-optimized, it was a phoenix rising from the digital ashes.

The results were spectacular. Within just 3 months, we had navigated to the coveted first organic position for two primary keywords. Comparing year over year, thinkinglsat.com was the digital Cinderella story: clicks skyrocketed by a stunning 11x, total impressions improved by a significant 4.8x, and the click-through rate more than doubled. A moment of long-lived glory for Thinking LSAT, as we now dominate the top organic position for 6 primary keywords.

The crowd went wild! Monthly visitors to the site ballooned from a humble 800 to a whopping 11,000+. A victory for LSAT Demon and testament to the power of an intuitive, optimized website.

The remarkable success of our collaborative efforts led LSAT Demon to expand our partnership, entrusting us with their social media and digital ads management. From being mere SEO consultants to becoming digital companions, we continue to guide Thinking LSAT on their path to greater growth.

Beaver + Beaver and Thinking LSAT - a true testament that partnerships built on trust, expertise, and a little bit of digital magic, create stories worth telling.

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