“Beaver + Beaver made it a breeze to build and launch our new site.”

Steph Murray
Head of School
Telos Classical Academy

Picture this: a classical academy with a heritage and academic pedigree that was as rich as a slice of decadent chocolate cake, but a website as dry as day-old bread. Enter stage right, Beaver + Beaver, via the grand introductions of a referral.

Telos Classical Academy, an educational haven brimming with unparalleled quality and unique pedagogy, was the school in question. Their website, however, fell short, as it failed to weave the narrative of their distinguished ethos into a compelling digital tapestry.

Cue our team's field trip. With an explorer's spirit and a creator's eye, our team embarked on a journey to Telos, ready to immerse ourselves in the academy’s world. Our mission? To snap the perfect photos and capture the essence of Telos in a marketing video that would do justice to their story.

And so, with every click, every reel, and every conversation, we gathered the puzzle pieces needed to build a digital portrait of Telos.

Step by methodical step, we revitalized their site to mirror the caliber of their institution. We seamlessly intertwined Telos' academic prowess and values into a vibrant, modern website — one that whispered stories of scholastic excellence and hummed the melodies of tradition.

February 2023 marked the dawn of a new era for Telos. With a digital launch as grand as their curriculum, Telos began to write a new chapter in their legacy.

And boy, did the plot thicken! Since their digital makeover, Telos continues to ascend, touting a new upper school offering to grades 7-12.

Beaver + Beaver and Telos Classical Academy – a partnership built on a shared love for education and a commitment to excellence. From an underwhelming to masterpiece — Telos’s website transformation is a testimony to the magic that happens when you pair the right story with the right storytellers.

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