“Beaver + Beaver took care of my business as if they owned it themselves. No other agency comes close.”

Kyle Binder

The time: summer 2022. Enter stage left, PetLovers. A business fur-ociously focused on Amazon sales with a website that was as exciting as watching paint dry. The moment our team met them during a management consulting gig, we knew they were barking up the wrong tree. And we had just the right tools to help them dig up the hidden treasure.

PetLovers’ old site was more a digital shopfront than a lively hub. It was simple, functional, but as monotone as a dog's dinner. Their content engine was an elusive creature, more myth than reality, offering no captivating tales to attract the ever-evolving digital audience. This simply would not do for a brand and product line as exceptional as theirs.

Our team pounced, recommending they reinvent their site, give a belly rub to content production — primarily on social media, and expand their product offering. The idea wasn't just to sell but to tell a story that could make the hardest of hearts purr.

The cogs began to turn, agencies and freelancers were vetted, but all comers underperformed like cats in water. Realizing that all bark and no bite wasn't going to cut it, PetLovers upgraded us from consultants to the team that makes things happen.

We got our paws dirty rebuilding their website, making it as eye-catching as a squirrel in a dog park. We took over their social media content strategy, bringing tales of joy, warmth, and wagging tails to their audience.

The results? In the first month under our watch, PetLovers' content was soaking up the limelight with 70,000 organic views. That’s right — 70,000 pairs of eyes craving more!

PetLovers continues to grow their sales, expanding their product offerings, and winning hearts, one pet tale at a time. From a simple store to a vibrant community, PetLovers is now more than just a brand — it’s a lifestyle, it's a story, it's a digital revolution in the pet world.

Beaver + Beaver and PetLovers — a purrfect blend of digital savvy and a love for all things furry and four-legged.

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